I represent Algonac, Clay Twp. (which includes Harsens Island), Marine City, Cottrellville Twp. And China Twp.

Their meetings are as follows:
First and Third Tuesdays at 7:30PM   City Offices
805 St. Clair River Dr. Algonac, MI 48001
810-794-9361  www.algonac-mi.gov
City Manager:   Douglas R. Alexander

Clay Township:
First and Third Monday at 7:30PM  Township Hall 4710 Pte. Tremble Rd. Algonac, MI 48001
810-794-9303  www.claytownship.org
Supervisor:  Artie Bryson

China Township:
Third Monday of the month at 7:30PM Township Hall
4560 Indian Trail, China Twp, MI 48054
810-765-1145  www.chinatownship.net
Supervisor: Linda Schweihofer

Marine City
First and Third Thursday at 7:00PM 
Fire Hall 200 S. Parker  Marine City, MI 48039
810-765-8846   www.marinecity-mi.org
City Manager:  Elaine Leven

Cottrellville Township
Second Wednesday at 7:30PM 
Township Hall  7008 Marsh Rd.  Marine City, MI 48039
810-765-4730   www.cottrellvilletwp.org
Supervisor:  Mary Agnes Simons
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        Board of Commissioners Meetings Schedule

      All Full Board meetings are on the third Thursday of the month beginning at 6:00 p.m. and are held at the County Administrative Office Building, unless otherwise posted.

     Standing Committee Meetings begin at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month and are held at the County Administrative Office Building, unless otherwise posted.

     The minutes of those meetings will be posted on the "Monthly Review" page within a few days of the meeting, as they become available.

     If you have any questions or concerns regarding the meetings or minutes, please feel free to contact me via email.


Allison Arnold and Arnold Larson: Library's loan to county can address main branch needs

                                                              PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY MILLAGE

There has been community confusion and concern about the St. Clair County Library System’s involvement with the county board of commissioners’ decision to buy the Art Van property located at 318 Grand River in Port Huron. These questions and answers have been made available to the public and staff at all of our library branches for clarification.
How did the library’s involvement in this project come about?
The library board has been looking for options related to the main library in Port Huron for some time. The building has been evaluated for space, structure, mechanical and service delivery needs by multiple parties throughout the years and all have identified concerns for the facility’s long-term viability for modern public library service delivery. One suggested possibility to address the building’s deficiencies is the main library’s expansion, one that could theoretically take some county parking space. The county board of commissioners approached the library board of trustees about a potential partnership. It was decided that, if the library were able to expand, the county would need a solution for the potential parking loss.
Will the library use the former Art Van property?
No. The property is county-owned. There are no specific county plans for its development. The library has no desire to build on this property.
What guarantees does the library have for getting repayment of the money in question, if it chooses not to expand?
A letter of understanding between the St. Clair County Library Board of Trustees and the St. Clair County Board of Commissioners was approved and signed. This agreement binds the county to the repayment of the library funds should the library choose not to expand or its expansion plans do not affect county parking.
How could this help with library expansion and growth in the future?
By working with the county to address potential loss of county parking from a future expansion, we can move forward with the exploration and planning. If this is the direction the library board with the support of the county commissioners wishes to pursue, all proposed plans for expansion will be provided to the public for review and comment. A building recommendation will be presented for board approval and community support.

From where does the money that will be loaned to the county come?
The $200,000 will come from the library fund balance, not current or future operating budgets. Operations including library services, hours, and staff will not be affected.
Q: Why should residents care what happens to the main library?
A: The main library provides system-wide support for library services throughout all 10 local branches. It houses departments and operations that support public service at all public library facilities and deliver library service.
Why should I still support the library?
The $200,000 fund transfer is viewed as providing the library system with an option for growth to meet future needs for service delivery and operational support. The library has no interest in the Art Van property, but sees the partnership with the county as a purchase for the future.
Operations will not be affected. Your library strives to be a good steward of millage funds and views this as an opportunity for the library’s future. Your library needs your support more than ever and appreciates each one of you and your patronage.